Simple Practices To Turn Your Business Into a Green Business

The business world is constantly evolving and consumers’ priorities are often changing. One priority that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon is consumers’ interest in whether or not businesses are operating in an environmentally responsible way. There is a large push to support green business, so if you’re looking to make your business a bit more eco-friendly, consider these ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Start Early

If your business is new, begin implementing green practices immediately. It’s much more difficult to change habits later, so if you can instill eco-conscious habits at the onset of your business, it will be easier to sustain these practices in the future.

If you’re in the process of building your workspace or remodeling your existing space, take the environment into account every step of the way. Consider recycled and sustainably sourced materials for everything from the floorboards to the curtains. Consider alternative power sources like solar panels and green walls to keep your heating and cooling bills low. While some of these options may cost more upfront, they’ll pay off monetarily as they save you money, and karmically as you’ll be saving the environment.


Consider the power being used when your building is unoccupied. Encourage employees to unplug their workstations when they leave to save electricity. When the office isn’t occupied, consider setting your thermostat on a timer so your building isn’t unnecessarily cooled or heated while it’s empty. These simple actions can make a huge impact on your energy bill when done consistently. 

Go Digital

Digitizing documents can be a massive paper saver, so get into the habit of going digital as soon as possible. Consider doing as much of your documentation as possible online, including client intake forms, meeting notes and company records. Not only are digital documents easier to read, share and search through, but you’ll also be saving countless trees in the process.

Make Recycling Easy

For those times when you must use paper, or for other products like cans, bottles and cardboard, make recycling easy. Having ample recycling bins available, preferably right next to the trash bin, will allow recycling to become second nature for everyone in the office.

Turning your business into a green business doesn’t have to be difficult. With small, easy steps like adding recycle bins, digitizing documents and using sustainable materials, your business will quickly become more eco-friendly. Consumers will appreciate the effort, and the environment will thank you too.