How To Improve Your Business Partner’s Motivation

Starting a business with a partner can reduce your stress level and burden because the day-to-day operations and future planning responsibilities are shared. However, you may find it challenging to work so closely with another person. For example, you will experience personality clashes, differences in the future you see for your company and different work ethics. In some cases, you may need to motivate your partner to do the work necessary to succeed. Therefore, consider these tips.

Agree on a Mission Statement

Your first task as you start planning your company should have been to create a mission statement. However, if you haven’t created one, you can do so now. A mission statement identifies your market and the motivation for starting your company. Once your mission statement is adopted, you can use it to guide your business decisions and remind your partner why you got into business in the first place. Review this statement often.

Share the Responsibilities

You and your business partner have different strengths. Where you may have a numbers brain, your partner may be great with people, or vice versa. To achieve success, you should play to your strengths and those of your partner. Therefore, as you review the day-to-day duties, divide them so that you both work on things that mean the most to you and that exercise your strengths. This is not an excuse to stagnate in your personal growth, but it will make you both more productive, saving the company money. As you work on what you are passionate about, you both become excited to get to work.

Work Together on Goals and Strategies

You will set many goals and develop many strategies over the course of your business. If you are the only one working on these tasks, your business partner won’t feel included and may not become invested in reaching these goals or implementing your strategies. Therefore, consider collaborating on short-term, mid-range and long-term goals. Then, use them to create your business strategies and prioritize your tasks.

Collaborate on Business Projects

As your business grows, you will likely expand your product and service offerings and seek new markets. These expansions require planning. You should work with your partner any time you are planning new projects for your company. Ask for opinions and suggestions to expand your market and better compete with others in the industry.

It is crucial that you and your business partner work together and maintain open communication. Be willing to ask for help and collaborate on your company’s duties, goals, strategies and projects.