Diversity and Inclusion for Workplace Happiness

Companies need to make diversity and inclusion a priority in their business model. Consumers and prospective employees are taking this matter into serious consideration before deciding to support or join a company. If you’re looking for ways to increase your diversity and inclusion efforts, consider the following practices.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

One of the most common reasons why employee complaints are not voiced is for fear of retaliation. Even if an employee has no reason to suspect retaliation from their current employer, past experiences may be enough for them to keep their thoughts to themselves. Of course, this does not create an atmosphere of growth, so it’s important to let your employees know that you are open and receptive to any feedback they may have. Then, you must prove this with action. They need to know that they will not be penalized for voicing their thoughts and that you will consider their feedback. Listening to your employees this way may not always be easy, but it is incredibly important for the future of your business.

Provide Parental Leave

Unfortunately, some companies don’t even offer paid maternity leave for mothers who give birth, so step ahead of the pack with paid parental leave, regardless of the circumstances. While mothers need time to physically recover, they also use the time to bond with their new baby and acclimate to their new life. Fathers and adoptive parents need this bonding and acclimation time too, but sadly, very few employers offer such a benefit. By providing all new parents paid parental leave, you are stating firmly that you support your employees, wholeheartedly.

Encourage Social Activities

When employees socialize and interact with their colleagues, the workplace is likely to become more harmonious and cohesive. Ideally, your employees represent a diverse array of backgrounds, races, religions and orientations, so by allowing them to mingle and learn about one another, you’re allowing them to expand their horizons. Even a simple activity like a social lunch or a holiday party can be enough to allow them to get to know one another beyond their work life. The more they know about each other, the more accepting they’ll be of each other and the happier your workplace can become.

Diversity in the workplace is not an overnight fix. It takes constant effort on the part of the employer, and it may not always be easy. However, it’s incredibly important to the success of your company and will enrich the culture of your business greatly.